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Shooting pink floral photos with your pet dog

hougang-park-6Fancy pink floral photos of your dog?

Here are two places I visited in Singapore with Donna dog to take photographs of her with pink flowers.

Check it out!

Pink Floral Photos with Donna

A) Flowering Trumpet Trees at Sembawang Park (March 2015)

Back in March, the Trumpet Trees had blossomed again. Some White Cookie and I went to Sembawang Park to photograph the dogs with the pretty pink trees. I found it rather challenging simply because, the dogs were so much shorter than the trees. HAHAHA.

Flowering Trumpet Trees at Sembawang Park
Tiny Donna beneath the blossoms on the lower branches. You can barely see her face!

Flowering Trumpet Trees at Sembawang Park Donna gets impatient :P

It was interesting to try to be creative around the problem. Such as getting Donna seated on one of the park benches, and taking low angle shots so the blossoms form the background against the sky. Unfortunately, from that angle the trees were just not pink enough with blooming flowers because all I could manage was still the blossoms on the lower branches. When actually, the trees were bathed with these gorgeous pastel pink wreathes about it’s crown.

Flowering Trumpet Trees at Sembawang Park Moved Donna from the bench to the top of the table, and that as better as high as she can get in relation to the flowers. HAHA! 

It turns out the only shot where Donna’s face can be seen clearly is this one, with her surrounded by fallen flowers on the ground. A top shot.

Flowering Trumpet Trees at Sembawang Park

B) Flowering Bougainvillea at Hougang Neighbourhood Park 6 (July 2015)

This month, I happened on Hougang Neighbourhood Park 6 after one of Donna’s therapy dog sessions. This was a rather small, nondescript park. BUT, it had a small section where the bushes were full and flowering and perfect for my purpose!

Bougainvillea at Hougang Neighbourhood Park 6

The paths lined on both sides with bougainvillae were too wide for my liking.

Bougainvillea at Hougang Neighbourhood Park 6But the one path on one side with a wall-like ixora bush was perfect to create the illusion of a maze-like garden that was proportional to Donna’s size.

Bougainvillea at Hougang Neighbourhood Park 6

I didn’t get any photos that I was really pleased with, but if I were to want to create a photo of Donna against a pink flower background or achieve a maze-like effect, this is probably one of the places I would go. Not to say there aren’t any other places in Singapore, it’s just that I might not have explore them yet. :)


Here’s where you can go to take similar photos:Bougainvillea at Hougang Neighbourhood Park 6 Google Maps

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  1. savedbydogs

    Fortunately, Donna is lovely no matter what the background is!

  2. Pink, we only get it in spring. Usually, it’s desert dust around here.

    • You get different colours with different seasons right? I remember there was a time when everything was yellow? For us its green year around. It’s pink only because I went looking for it purposely HAHA!

  3. I love how her dark fur stands out against the light pink of the flowers. You did a great job working around those challenges. I have some flowering bushes in my yard and I usually try and get a photo of the dogs out there with them every year, but it can be challenging trying to fit everything into the frame.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop!

    • Only non-flowering plants survive in my balcony garden. The flowering ones dry too fast when I forgot to water. *oops!* :P :P Thank you! Hope I catch some of your flower pics when its the season for them!

  4. Pink doesn’t happen much around here. We get alfalfa green or dry grass tan mostly. Pretty pictures.

    • Same for us as the temperature heats up – mostly green and dried up grass :P Sad really. That’s why we had to go hunting or accidentally stumble on these and we just had to admire and stop for a picture. :)

  5. I think the pictures came out very nicely. Donna does look small compared to those giant trees, but I think you found a good work around. :) Thanks so much for joining the hop.

    • Thank you! :) Personally I don;t mind her looking small if the trees were all pink but unfortunately it was just that one tree :P so the effect was a little underwhelming. But then, nature was never ours to command. :P ;P ;P

  6. Donna with the fallen flowers is my favorite. That is a wonderful photo!

  7. Donna looks so pretty with the flowers! Love the one of Donna surrounded by them <3

    • Me too!! I love those sakura pictures that you see on Japanese dog accounts… but since dog can’t travel… this is the best workaround :P :P :P hope to find places with even fuller foliage!

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