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Morning Walk

dog up and down the stairs

You mean we don’t go up the stairs, human?,¬†thinks Donna as she does a U-turn.

Donna is happy to trot along, but if you start to run, she will gallop off in a short burst of speed ahead of you.

running dog with four paws in the air

Look! Four paws in the air!

dog sniffing about a corner

The corner where the human says “Up-up” and the dog pauses to sniff the pee-stink left by other dogs instead – –

Eventually she ascends the concrete block with a flying leap!

dog can't read sign that says no climbing

Despite the “no climbing” sign. Dogs can’t read signs you see :P Lalalala~

dog inspects the grass

Inspector Grass inspects the grass and does the necessary.

dog waiting to go down the stairs

She’s smarter now and waits to see if we go down the stairs. How long do you need to take a photo of stairs, human?

Human finds a cat! Up-up, Donna, or you can’t see the cat!

dog finds a cat

Happy Birthday, Donna, says the cat.

happy birthday donna, says the cat

Now get out of my face, please. Meow.


Playing dogs – Donna and the Schnauzer


Go to your bed or Go to your crate


  1. Great images. what a beautiful morning!

  2. Happy Birthday, Donna. I’m surprised that anyone know the date.

  3. Happy happy birthday Donna! Woooohooowoooooo!

  4. Beautiful spring birthday walk – happy bday!

  5. That cat looks pretty relaxed!
    Your walk photos usually show a lot of sidewalks and concrete, so I was always curious about nearby grass – this answers that!

    • Must have took the grass for granted. Will show more of the environment outside next time ;) it’s quite uniform, unlike the different towns and cities of Canada ;)

  6. What a fun morning walk! I don’t think the kitty on our block would let me sniff him that close.
    Happy birthday! Hope you get lots of yummies!

  7. savedbydogs

    What a great birthday morning walk!

  8. Happy birthday Donna! You are lucky that it is so nice and green there. :)

  9. dorysbackyard

    What a beautiful walk you had Donna!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

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