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Mongrel dogs can be fur-nomenal too!

clubpetsDonna was picked to be one of 50 pets featured in Clubpets Magazine in an upcoming issue! Today’s Mutt Vlog includes snippets from Donna’s magazine photoshoot. And also my trip to Blk2 Furever Canines dog shelter. Come check out some happy-go-lucky shelter dogs!

Bearing in mind, Donna is one of 50 pets selected, her photo probably may just be a small square somewhere. :P But hey, I am proud of my girl!

Based on my conversation with the Clubpets’ representatives at the photoshoot, she is one of a handful of Singapore Specials to be included in the feature. Shelters like Blk 2 Furever Canines, Uncle Khoe’s and Gentle Paws and Friends (where we adopted Donna from) are filled up with these locally-born mongrel dogs, who are sometimes overlooked. So I’m are glad there is at least 4 or 5 of such dogs that have been adopted, that will be included in the magazine spread! And I can’t wait to find out who they and the rest of the pets are!

The magazine is not out yet, but Clubpets says we are free to post the videos we took at the photoshoot :P So here it is!

Thank you Clubpets Magazine, Avenue8, Blk2 Furever Canines and Petfie for making this video possible.

Summary of video – Mutt Dog Goes to Magazine Photoshoot
0:00 Car ride to Midview City for the Clubpets 50 Fur-nomenal Pets photoshoot
0:53 Donna’s photoshoot at Avenue8
1:55 Brief summary of how Donna did during the photoshoot
2:29 Blk2 Furever Canines shelter visit in end July 2015
2:48 Taking Yvette the shelter dog out for a walk
2:57 Yvette and other Blk2 Furever Canine dogs at a nearby fenced dog park
3:30 Interacting with the other more food-motivated dogs of Blk2 Furever Canine
4:23 Back to my canine partner for the day Yvette ;)


Adoptable adult dogs at Blk 2 Furever Canines

Blk2 Furever Canines dog shelter

I attended a briefing and dog walk organised by the shelter Blk2 Furever Canines and the mobile app Petfie. At the briefing, we were introduced to some dogs who have been waiting for their forever homes for two years or more. They are dogs bigger than Donna and they exceed the criteria for HDB approval. That means the available pool of adopters for them is even smaller, since people who live in public housing/HDB flats are unable to adopt them.

The older the dogs grow, the even lower their chances at adoption so the organisations hoped to spotlight these dogs while they are still at ages 1 to 4 to give them a better chance at adoption, before they get too old.


Who are some of these adoptable dogs? Check them out!

adopt singapore special dog Bravo
Bravo is 4-year-old boy, with a distinctive black and white coat. His size and darker-coloured head may belie his gentle and affectionate nature. Bravo is human-friendly, which will make it easy for people who are looking to adopt for the first time. More about Bravo | | Help Bravo! Share his information on Facebook


adopt singapore dog oley
Oley is a 1.5-year-old boy, with a predominantly light/white coat and brown markings on the face. Despite what he has been through, he is generally friendly towards humans and dogs. He likes to go for walks, is pretty smart and can be very affectionate at times! More about Oley on Blk2 Furever Canines Facebook post | Help Oley! Share his information on Facebook


adopt singapore dog Bailey
One-year-old Bailey can be a little shy, but once he warms up to you, you may discover his love of belly rubs. Even though he takes some time to warm up to new faces, this not-so-little boy is dog and human-friendly. He is also very food-motivated, which makes him easier to train! More about Bailey aka AiAi | Help Bailey! Share his information on Facebook


adopt singapore dog SunnyThree-year-old Sunny is affectionate and at ease with children.

He is very trainable, obedient and good at recalls!

Here’s a clearer photo of Sunny on Blk2 Furever Canines Facebook
adopt singapore dog Sunny

I actually do not visit shelters a lot, so they always leave an impression on me.

Perhaps I’m much better at differentiating dogs after more than two years of dog companionship and blogging. :P I found it easier to differentiate the different dogs at Blk 2. Some of them have a more distinct mix-breed look, where I can identify that the specific dog may have a some jack russell in him. I had a much harder time at Gentle Paws because the dogs appeared more generically mongrel to me. At Uncle Khoe’s, it was easy to feel for the skinniest black dog there, and that was the only time I contemplated taking a second dog home. :/

Anyway, looking for black and tan dogs like Donna? :P HAHAHAHAHA!


There are a few black and tan dogs on the Blk 2 Furever Canines compound. And honestly, the best way to learn more about their individual personalities and temperaments is to make the time to visit and interact with them. The right dog may just find you at the least expected moment!

If you’d rather browse online, go check out – http://adoptadog.sg/. It’s an online directory that aggregates dog profiles from 15 dog welfare organisations as well as individual rescuers. ;)

If you’re current situation does not allow you to adopt, but you would like to help these dogs in some small way. The following shelters currently have 2016 calendars for sale. Proceeds go to the dogs :P Uncle Khoe’s K9 | Gentle Paws and Friends

Special thanks to Cherlyn, Zumei for helping me to with the article!

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  • Has your dog gone to a professional photoshoot before? What tips would you give Donna and I? :P
  • Do you help out at a shelter? What does your shelter do that is most effective in getting their dogs adopted?
  • It’s hard to get the bigger non-HDB approved dogs adopted. Does the size of dog make a difference to you? Do you agree if they are not suitable for living in flats?
  • If you adopted your dog from a shelter, what made you know that that dog is the one?


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  1. A magazine shoot – how fancy! Congrats on Donna having her photo in the upcoming Clubpets Magazine issue! I hope some of these dogs find their forever, loving families soon!! Great video :)

  2. I’ve done several professional modeling shoots for a big store here in the US. I loved it, and it paid well too. Sadly, they have changed their advertising strategy and no longer need dog models. Bailie also did a video for a big company and really had fun.

  3. Fun video. I think Donna did great for the first time photo shoot. I do not understand weight restrictions in hotels and rentals. I would think temperament would be more important than size. Thanks for joining the hop.

    • Yah, I think she did great too! :P Just that it’ll be nicer if she smiled heehee. :P Humans!

      Our local hotels have the same restrictions on weight, and only less than a handful are pet-friendly. I suppose hotels don’t have the operational processes/skilled staff for temperament assessment, since it will have to be on a case by case basis? Weight at least is easily processed by filled in a form. At least brown dogs didn’t seem to have too much problem travelling. ;)

  4. What you need to do is start an organization. Have it recognize the “Singapore Spaniel” breed-issue pedigrees and purebred Singapore Spaniel papers and you have it. Those so-called mongrels now are royalty.

    • Do I look like spaniel to you????
      Might be a bit difficult to provide spaniel disguises for all of them. :p Not to mention the identity crisis it creates. These dogs already have multiple names. (-.-‘) Donna has two, one from a previous adoption.

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