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Donna takes on the Park Stools

Donna and I are enrolled in a Basic Obedience Course these couple of months and we’ve attended three lessons so far.

You would think we would breeze through the course since Donna is a smart dog and pretty well-behaved when it comes to listening to instructions. But everything we’ve done so far was pretty organic and on the spur of the moment when it comes to teaching her new things.

Consistency is really something difficult for me that I’ve got to manage since I get easily bored. Haha.

The other thing that I’ve got working against me is the weather. Thundery showers almost everyday certainly makes it difficult to do any sort of training with a thunder phobic dog.

In the video below, I’ve taken her out for our evening walk some weeks back. Besides the fun things, I was trying to work her through the exercises – sit, stand, down, lol – outdoors. She is already very good at sit and down to begin with, so I was working more on her stand on command :P

But here are the more fun things on video, for me at least, before she got too distracted by the thunder rambling in the distance. It was a fine day over here, except for that thunder bothering us.

From the distance.  Geez!


Taxi!! Is it really that difficult to cab with a dog in Singapore?


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  1. Her ears so cute! Have yet to find a place that has a few stools together to get them to practise crossing over.

  2. I’m with Donna again. The point of walking is to get somewhere. There’s no point to going somewhere just to return. It’s like digging a hole and filling it up immediately.What did make sense is that Donna went where the treats are.

  3. Lye

    She’s extremely focus on you when outdoors. I am still working to be a pack leader. Buddy is easily distracted when out and he totally ignore any treats. There is still a lot of work to do to reach Donna’s stage. If you have any suggestion, kindly share with me. Thanks.

    • Donna is positively trained. You can search kikopup or ahimsa dog training videos on YouTube. They are good. It’s more about starting in a low distraction environment like at home before progressing to outdoors once she is very good at it at home. Quality of treats make a difference to. Donna mostly gets boiled chicken or pork outside. Although in this video I mixed kibble with zukes treats, because I ran out of the meat : p In the video, she is actually more distracted then usual because she can sense the rain coming and that makes her nervous. :) good luck!

  4. She’s got some talent there!

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