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Dog Products Preview & Musher’s Secret Giveaway Winner!

Preview - 4 new dog productsToday’s post is all about the Dog.

OK, I lied. It’s about some new products we’ve received for her from some kind companies locally. And a health update on Donna. Come check it out :P

Preview – 4 New Dog Products

Preview - 4 new dog products preview

I’m giving you guys a quick preview of some goodies we’ve received from the following kind sponsors. Play this video now!

Quick links to the specific sections in the video for the preview!

  • 0:10 Product 1 – Wysong Dog Food from Earnest Mutts.
  • 1:11 Product 2 – Neater Feeder from Pinkedge and Nekojam.
  • 1:40 Product 3 – Luxury Fairy Lights from Midnight Sparks.
  • 2:26 Product 4 – QuickFinder Deluxe Nail Clipper from Luv-Ya-Pet.
  • 3:18 Happy Toys from Paris’ Birthday Party! Yay! Let’s play, Donna!!
  • 3:47 Just because… lol … seriously. I love her.

This is just a preview. I’ll be reviewing the products either on Instagram or on this blog or on our Mutt Vlog Youtube channel or all of the above. HAHAHAHAHA :P So follow me on all three if you are interested! ;)


Musher’s Secret Giveaway – Who won?

And remember there was a giveaway that locals can sign up for a while back? Here’s the post if you need to refresh your memory :P – Caring for Cracked or Burnt Dog Paws due to Hot Weather.

dog products preview - musher's secret

The product we were giving away is Musher’s Secret Paw Wax from www.Luv-Ya-Pet.com. This is a food-grade, non-toxic wax that is developed for sled dogs who have to deal with extreme weather, and reportedly has good wood of mouth among active dog humans. More about that here.

So who won? Check out this video! ;)



Donna’s annual checkup at the Vet

So today’s post is not like my usual blog posts… oops! In my defence I was sick over the weekend and missed out on all the events.

Donna is also down with an ear infection. But the vet visit was great because I had the opportunity to speak with the doctor to learn more about what vaccines goes in her annual shot and why they think she needs to have it yearly, among other topics. So that gives you an idea of what sort of more informative post, I am looking to write before the year ends, and Donna is due for her annual vaccination. Hah!


Leave a comment!

1. While the products may be new in Singapore, they may not be that new in other countries. If you have used any of them before, tell me your thoughts about them! :)

2. Does your dog get ear infections? What are the ways you have find helpful to prevent or decrease their occurrence?

3. How often does your dog get vaccinated? Do you know what your dog is vaccinated against? I would love to know what is considered a core vaccine in your country and what is considered optional, and why.


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  1. White there are no ear infections here (me especially because I have no ears), Kaci is battling Urinary Tract Infection. She’s slowly getting better although there’s a lot of floor cleanup still.

  2. That Neater Feeder would be great for the cat. She is the messy eater here. Sorry to hear about the ear infection. Freighter got one once when he was swimming and dunked his head under and got bacteria in his ear. Thanks for joining the hop.

    • Hah! I would have thought the dogs would be messier than the cats! I was wondering if the brown dawgs get ear infection often, since they are often swimming. But you must take care of them very well. Donna is rather predisposed to it. This is the second time for her. The first was when we first adopted her and didn’t know we have to clean her ears often to help her fight it. :/

      • Believe it or not the swimming helps clean their ears. If they have any ear issues it is usually early spring. We also give Freighter coconut oil as a way to boost his immune system. Not sure if that or just growing up helped him.

  3. Hi! I was surprised to learn that I was not following you on Instagram, but I quickly remedied that! ;-) The only product I have used before of the ones you mentioned were the nail trimmers. I prefer a dremel, but sometimes will use my regular clippers first and then the dremel to round the nails and clean them up. As for ear infections, no, we have never dealt with one. I used to be a vet tech so I think this helped me avoid several conditions over the years. That and my dogs have very short ears. :-) We make sure to clean their ears out with alcohol after every bath, swim and groom to discourage moisture and keep them clean. On the vaccine front, I selectively vaccinate. We must have our dogs vaccinated for Rabies by law here. Ours is done every 3 years. Everything else is based on their activities (whether they are hiking, at dog shows, etc) and whether they still have immunity. I do not vaccinate for everything every year. There are titer tests to determine if your dog still has antibodies. Do you have titer testing where you are?

    I enjoyed this post! Have a great time with your new goodies!

    • Thanks for the follow! :) I have only heard of one vet in my country that has titer tests, and that’s definitely something I am keen to explore :) Thanks for sharing your tips about keep her ears clean and dry! :)

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