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Kyoto and Osaka Pet Shops for Cat & Dog Goods

I don’t need to tell you that Japan is a favourite travel destination for many. The country is beautiful and safe, even for single female travellers.

And if you have a dog or cat, it’s actually pretty fun to shop or even just window shop through the stores selling pet-related goods. I recently returned from a short trip to Kyoto, Nara and Osaka.

Pet shopping japan haul cat dog goods

In this post, I’m sharing with you some of the Kyoto and Osaka pet shops and cat and dog products I saw in Japan.

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Finding the safest car harness for dog

I ordered a car harness for my dog yesterday. So Donna’s sitting on the car floor days will soon be over. She’ll need to have her doggie seat belt fastened, just like the humans. :P

Fasten that seat belt! Finding the best safest car harness for dog

Donna sitting on the floor of the car beside my legs.

You may have seen Donna sitting on the car floor quite often. More out of necessity as we travel on cabs and Uber alot. And some drivers do worry about the dog dirtying the seats or dog hair turning off subsequent customers.

But personally, my own preference is for Donna to be on the car seat secured to a reliable car seat belt. So yah, please don’t let my past photos of Donna sitting untethered on the car floor make you assume that this is safe.

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pee pad review pet dog potty

Dog potty time! Let’s review 5 Pee Pad Brands

Halloween is coming! So I thought it’ll be a great time to write about a horrifying topic…

Dog potty time! Let's review 5 Pee Pad Brands in Singapore

… Pee In The House! 😱 😱 😱

At first I assumed it was normal to use newspaper for Donna’s peeing and pooing needs in the flat, because that was what paper-training means right? The dog is trained to do it on newspaper.

But I soon realised that newspaper was a really bad medium for absorbing pee. And Donna had and still has the unfortunate habit of kicking the newspapers (and peepads) around after doing the deed.

So you can imagine how good absorption is so important to me. Donna tracks the pee off the pet sheet when she is done. Sometimes, she kicks the pee pad around in the toilet, sometimes even out into the common hallway. I really don’t want all that pee to smear around on the floor.

In this post, let’s do some tests to see which pee pad will work better with Donna!

Whether you are currently toilet training or have toilet trained your dog, you will find the following test outcomes helpful to you! 

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Jingo Box Review – Dog products sourced from USA

I was curious what goes into the Jingo Box when I was told everything in it is sourced from the USA. If you are interested as well, read on to find my honest review of this gift box for dogs. There’s also a 20% off discount code at the end. ;)

jingo box review - singapore dog blog

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Singapore Pet Shop

Cheapest Singapore Pet Shop for Dog Food & Pet Supplies

With new online pet shops in the market every year, a common question is which is the cheapest Singapore pet shop for dog food and pet supplies?

Donna's Singapore pet shop - cheapest pet shop in Singapore

Dec 30, 2017 – Amazon was my main shopping destination in the last few months for cheaper/original pet products but recently my regular purchase items no longer deliver to Singapore. #tragedy

So it’s time to price compare some Singpore pet shops online that I didn’t manage to cover in the last comparison – like Perromart – and also the new stores like – GoodDogPeople and Moby’s Petshop.

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Durian Cookies & Gorgeous Food Bowls from Woof Bakery, Kuala Lumpur

Look! It’s durian cookies!! Open it, mom!

Durian Cookies from WoofBakery in Kuala LumpurDurian Cookies from WoofBakery in Kuala LumpurDurian Cookies from WoofBakery in Kuala LumpurDurian Cookies from WoofBakery in Kuala Lumpur

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Donna’s Gotcha Day Bundt Cake

Donna’s Gotcha Day was in Jan 12, 2013. Xmas to Chinese New Year is typically a busy period for me, so after last year’s hectic experience I decided to just ask a few dogs out for a picnic at Bishan Park so Donna can have fun with some friends.

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Perrobox Review – I cancelled, then I bought it again.

opening the perrobox subscription box for dogs


Moral of the story: Promos work, lol

Sometimes I receive complimentary items from distributors, shops and services that I don’t review. The $34.90 medium dog Perrobox is one of them.

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Dog Boxes for Singapore Pups

singapore-dog-subscription-boxDog subscription boxes are gift boxes that are sent to your dog whether it’s on a monthly, every 2 months or 3 months basis. The fun is in the surprise you get when you open to see what’s inside! ;)

With some of the original local brands exiting the business, let’s take a look at the new entrant in the market this year 😃, and which also brands have excited. ☹️

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