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Shooting pink floral photos with your pet dog

hougang-park-6Fancy pink floral photos of your dog?

Here are two places I visited in Singapore with Donna dog to take photographs of her with pink flowers.

Check it out!

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Kanon and Donna pose for pictures

Most of the time, the human is not really pro-active about taking pictures. She comes up with all sorts of excuses like the weather is too hot, she doesn’t feel like it, it’s not going to come out nice, etc, etc. And then, she changes her mind

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Tanjong Beach Dogs at Sunrise

sunrise dogs at tanjung beachWe went to Tanjong Beach, Sentosa in January with Some White Cookie, the following week after Donna’s Gotcha Day. It was a great way to celebrate the human’s birthday. I was the magnet for dogs because I brought sardines!!! :P We didn’t take a lot of photos, and here’s the lot of them.

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A lovely black and white portrait by @hellopepi


Five spots along Orchard Road Xmas Light-up to photograph your dog

christmas on a great street collage of dog photosEvery year in December, Singapore’s shopping belt – Orchard Road – is all lit up for Christmas. It’s not uncommon or difficult to find tourists taking selfies or parents taking photos of their children during this period.

But dogs?

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This is what I’ll be busy with today :P

The 12-12-12 event is hosted by Meg Greene, a writer and artist-photographer living in North Carolina. You can find her on Little Dogs Laughed and Move the Chair :)

I’m kind of excited to go back to working on mobile phoneography. I take photos with an android phone. The apps are not comparable to iPhone apps so it takes some creativity. LOL. If you are not familiar with my edits, here are some photos from earlier this year.

Thank you Meg for inviting me to join in the fun!

It’s really hard to make a nice dog waving photograph!

Donna doesn’t really hold the wave position for long. In fact, she’ll just bring her paw up for a split second wave and let it down again. She doesn’t hold her paw in the air for me to take the photo, so when it comes to photographing a dog wave with her, it’s really down to split second timing. Which of course I have er… none. HAHA!

Sometimes I click too fast while her paw is still moving up.

Sometimes, I click too slow and she’s already bringing it downwards.

And if you look at these three photos, she NEVER looks at the camera. Somehow the wave MUST be accompanied with a silly grin with her nose in the air. Why, Donna?!! :P

Note: It just means I need to spend more time shaping the wave until I can get her to hold it in the air longer :P heehee




Read more about the PIB Plush here :
Donna is now a pet pillow

Mongrel 2014: #mongrelsareawesome exhibition

Mr P and I were invited to the launch of Mongrel 2014: #mongrelsareawesome photo and art exhibition yesterday evening by Three Legs Good.

Three Legs Good is a registered charity working to give injured and disabled dogs a second chance at life. – http://threelegsgood.org/

dog going up the stairs
Trip the Dog by Ernest Goh. 

So we  followed this three-legged mongrel dog up the stairs to check it out!


Mongrel 2014: #mongrelsareawesome

Mongrel 2014: #mongrelsareawesome exhibition launch
Guests at Mongrel 2014: #mongrelsareawesome exhibition launch 

The exhibition brings together the works of six artists and photographers. The varied mix in media used works out rather well since the exhibition is about the mongrel or mixed breed dog.

This is the third exhibition for Three Legs Good involving the most artists so far, one of whom is Lili Chin of doggiedrawings.net.

Ms Chin created a set of six renditions of mongrels from different cultures exclusively for the show. The new limited edition signed and numbered 11″ x 14″ prints are available for sale at $80 when we were there at the launch. Proceeds go to support Three Legs Good’s work with injured dogs.

lili chin exclusive mongrel art illustration
Celebrating the awesomeness of mongrels LOL

lili chin exclusive mongrel art illustrationlili chin exclusive mongrel art illustration

Apparently Donna is a potcake. HAHA! And the Singapore Special looks rather foxy :P

Moving on, because we are selfish and egoistic dog humans, we immediately shamefacedly camped in front of the video installation waiting for Donna’s photos to appear. Haha!


Yay!! Donna’s 10 seconds of fame – LOL

A video wall of dog photos to “raise awareness of the joys of adopting a mongrel.”

mongrel 2014: #mongrelsareawesome video presentation

…and also her sister, Dyana (RIP)’s 10 seconds of fame! HAHA!

mongrel 2014: #mongrelsareawesome video presentation

Ok, make that 20 seconds of fame since Three Legs Good picked two photos of Donna. HAHAHA!

mongrel 2014: #mongrelsareawesome video presentation
Mr P says that’s his 10 seconds of fame since that’s his hand with the burger Donna is demanding he hand over. And Trip’s butt is famous! so says Adeline. 

We submitted three of Donna’s photos, two of which were selected to be a part of the video display at the exhibition. Over a thousand photos were hashtagged #mongrelsareawesome on Instagram in the run up to the exhibition.

Out of these about a hundred photos were chosen for the final video presentation. This I learnt as I chatted with Adeline, one of the organisers from Three Legs Good.


Elke Vogelsang

Mr P and I actually hadn’t been to an art exhibition in quite some time, so we definitely enjoyed the night out.

We had fun looking at the photos by Elke Vogelsang, not because they are beautiful (they are), but because the dogs’ expressions (third picture in the photo below) are interesting when put together. It’s photos like this that generate discussions.

Elke Vogelsang at mongrel 2014: #mongrelsareawesome show
These framed prints are available for sale at $550 to support Three Legs Good’s charity work with injured dogs. 

Why is the dog’s eye so opportunely closed in both photos (you have to visit the exhibition to see the other photo I’m talking about HAHA!) as if winking. Is he really winking or perhaps the dog is blind in one eye? What did the photographer do to lure them to look the way they look with their tongues out?

I love photos with a story that makes you think about the condition of the dog. The dog stops being objectified.

Mongrel 2014: #mongrelsareawesome opens to public today, from Nov 20- Nov 30 2014 at Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film, 56A Arab St, Singapore 199753. Admission is FREE. 

Besides international artists like Lili Chin and Elke Vogelsang, the show also features works by photographers Ernest Goh, Siong Chung Hua, and illustrators/painters Ly Yeow and Namiko Chan Takahashi.

Go on Saturday (22 Nov) and catch the artist talk at 2.30pm. Chung Siong Hua and Ly Yeow will share with you how they got involved in this exhibition, their inspirations and the creative process behind the works they are exhibiting. Exhibition organiser Lillian Wang will also share about how this exhibition came about and animal welfare. [event details here]

mongrel 2014: #mongrelsareawesome exhibition


with 2browndawgs and Heart like a Dog

11 Singapore Special Mongrels of Instagram

collage of mongrel dogs

Mongrel. Mutt. Mixed breed.

Referred to using different names by different cultures, a mongrel is just a dog of mixed or undetermined breeds. Unlike purebred or crossbred dogs, mongrels can often be bred without human intervention or design.

Like mushrooms, mongrel puppies pop out of street dogs that mate. The results can be quite surprising.

Take for instance Donna’s family tree. If there was no record, I wouldn’t have guessed that Donna’s grandmother was a brown dog!

donna mongrel dog's family tree
As far as we can trace, Donna’s family descended from a brown dog three generations back.

Locally, we sometimes call these dogs the Singapore Special and deem them as truly local.

Regardless of what lies in their DNA and how different they look, these dogs seem to have some commonality in terms of the general long muzzles, medium to large sizes and slimmer, short-haired physique. (I’m not an expert so don’t quote me on that HAHA!) But yes, these are very general attributes.

Once you start looking at them as individuals, they start to look like very different mushrooms from one another.

mongrel dog faces and eyesDifferent faces of the Singapore Special

Certainly Trip the dog (left), Chase (top right) and Donna (bottom right) have differences in just their faces alone and I’m not just talking about their eyes. What other differences can you see?

I have never volunteered at a shelter so my scant knowledge of mongrels come from Donna and also aimlessly liking mongrel photos on Instagram, haha :D and of course, chatting with some of the mongrel owners.

The Singapore special is not just limited to tan, and black and tan dogs. They can be black or pale in colour too like Bosco the Mongrel here with his bushy tail. Donna’s tail is not so fluffy-looking.

bosco the mongrel dog
My colour, ears and tail may differentiate me from the other mongrels but the awkward pose we display when asleep may be similar.

And just because I thought them to be short haired, it doesn’t exempt them from having fluffy, furry ears should nature design them so. I adore Zuma’s furry ears.

zuma the mongrel dog
I may seem hairier than the others. That just makes me a furrier and more adorable Singapore Special. 

And certainly nothing is stopping Pebble from showing off his tummy that reminds me somewhat of a marble cake!

pebble the mongrel dog
I don’t know why I look like marble cake but that doesn’t stop me from being comfortable at home. 

I did read that these dogs were more commonly brown previously.

The Singapore Special isn’t a breed, but I would say more a look. Short-haired, brown, skinny, medium-to-large-sized, black-muzzled, pointy ears…

Well then, that would make pretty Leah the bona fide Singapore Special, wouldn’t it?

leah the mongrel dog
So I am short hair, brown, skinny with pointy ears and black muzzle, does that make me royalty among all the Singapore Specials? :P

The truth is that definition seems to have broadened quite a bit. Floppy eared Skippy would agree :P

Regardless of how these dogs have developed, living with a dog sometimes can make one view life differently.

Like how optimistic these dogs can be, forever giving you eyes and hoping to get something :P

skippy and scramble mongrel dogs

How they make you regret how quickly time passes when they sprang so quickly from puppyhood into full grown adults.

How they remind you that despite what they say about the hybrid vigour of mixed-breeds, sometimes there are exceptions that remind you how short life is.

And how life is a big surprise depending on the mongrel dog you bring home.

In Donna’s case, I spent a significant amount of time managing thunder phobia in a dog that is otherwise perfect. I, of course, never even heard of thunder phobia as a condition before I adopted.

In Dara’s case, this girl has a rather consistent and committed love of rolling around in poo and dead animals. I have read some working dogs do exhibit that sort of behaviour, whether it’s to better camouflage themselves when hunting or chasing prey or making the lifestock they are herding feel safer.

It’s genetics and probably a behaviour that will be hard to remove and so Dara’s human has the unexpected “pleasure” of cleaning a stinky dog more often than you and I.

dara the mongrel dog
It is such a pleasure to roll in poo and dead animals, says Dara, an otherwise very good dog at home like Donna! :P

maya the mongrel dog
Maya lives in a flat too, I think. 

Mongrel. Mutt. Mixed breed.

Regardless of how they look like and how they behave, these are the lucky mongrels of Instagram who have found a home.

A video posted by Trip (@tripthedog) on

Many thanks to @tripthedog @boscothemongrel @tshirtdog @pebbletoh @layers_of_leah @skippyandscramble @daradeexplorer @maya_thepup for the use of their photos and stories in this post. :)

Shamelessly copy and pasted the below from Three Legs Good facebook page :P

Three Legs Good is proud to announce our third annual exhibition MONGREL 2014: #mongrelsareawesome from 20-30 Nov 2014, at Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Filmmaking (56A Arab St)

In addition, there will be a video installation of selected Instagram photographs submitted by you during our social media campaign promoting the hashtag #mongrelsareawesome!

Mon- Fri 11am-7pm
Sat-Sun 11am-6pm
Free Admission (sorry, no dogs allowed at venue)

mongrel 2014 mongrels are awesome

We’re going because Donna’s photo is in the video installation I think. Haha!


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