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Donna at Star Wars Festival, Gardens by the Bay, Supertree Grove

Star Wars Day falls on May 4, which is also the start of the Star Wars Festival at the Gardens by the Bay, Supertree Grove. And that’s where I headed with Donna for an evening walk.

Where’s Donna? Can you find her in this photo? :P

mongrel dog at star wars day, star wars festival, singapore, gardens by the bay, supertree grove

Find Donna! Where is she?

We reached at around 5.30pm, and there wasn’t much of a crowd so it was easy to take photos with dog. :P

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Dog Friendly Cafes & Food Places Around HortPark – Henderson Waves Bridge Trail

Planning a hike with dog along the Henderson Waves – Southern Ridges – HortPark – Kent Ridge Park trail? If you have no time to pack food, here are some cafes and restaurants within 3 – 8 min drive of the HortPark that you can consider to eat at ;)

dog friendly food and cafes around HortPark, Southerm Ridges, Kent Ridge Park - Donna and Cookie at the Henderson Waves Bridge

Donna and Cookie at the Henderson Waves Bridge

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Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe – Dog Cafe in the Northwest of Singapore

Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe is officially opening this weekend, check out my events page for more details!

Anyway, Donna, P and I went allllllllllllllllll the way to D’Kranji Farm Resort to check out this new dog-friendly cafe in the north-west of Singapore. Come see it with us in this video!

More photos and details 

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Pet Expo 2017 – Singapore’s Largest Fair for Pet Lovers

Pet Expo 2017 News from erm, everywhere, including Mutt Vlog! LOL
Watch the video on Youtube

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Artistry Cafe’s Dog-friendly Outdoor Area is pretty Iconic

After an early morning jaunt about the Singapore Sports Hub ( photos here ), we headed to Artistry Cafe for brunch.

This is my ah gong’s stadium, Singapore Sports Hub

Our pet taxi driver was surprised that Artistry Cafe opens as early as 9am.  That works really well for those who like to head out early with their dogs on a weekend! 

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Run For Light 2017 Pre Event at Orchard Road

The Run For Light 2017 Pre-event came and went this Saturday, 5 Nov. I was told the guide dogs will be attending so I planned to bring Donna to the walk. Unfortunately, the guide dogs were unable to show up since they are working dogs who have to work. BUT have no fear, Donna the calefare is here! 🤓🤓🤓

Run for Light 2017 pre-event

Not a guide dog :P

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Singapore Special goes to Dog-friendly Pasta J

You know an eating place has succeeded if you can remember at least one of the menu items and will return again to eat. I have a bad memory. Exceedingly bad. But I can tell you that I tried the Chicken Soup Pasta at Pasta J, and I wouldn’t mind returning again.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself. Let me start from the beggining…

Dog-friendy Pasta J, upper thomson road

Dog-friendy Pasta J, alfresco sitting area and air conditioned interior.

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Two Dog-Friendly Cafes in Changi

We headed out to Changi today to check out the Pokemon Go scene and also the dog-friendly cafes along Netheravon Road and around Changi Village.

Come check out two dog-friendly cafes at Changi with us today!

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Springleaf Nature Park & Verdure Cafe

Brunch at Verdure Cafe, Springleaf Nature Park

See the video on Youtube!

More about Springleaf Nature Park & Verdure Cafe

At first glance, Springleaf Nature Park does not seem to offer much entertainment for someone walking a dog. 

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