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Mongrel dogs can be fur-nomenal too!

clubpetsDonna was picked to be one of 50 pets featured in Clubpets Magazine in an upcoming issue! Today’s Mutt Vlog includes snippets from Donna’s magazine photoshoot. And also my trip to Blk2 Furever Canines dog shelter. Come check out some happy-go-lucky shelter dogs!

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Are these 10 the most popular Singapore Dogs on Instagram?

popular-sg-ig-dogsWho are the Singapore dogs on Instagram that people follow?

Here’s 10 #sgdogs that I found with the largest following, and with over 12,000 followers at the minimum. Guess what they all have in common :P

Are you curious? Come find out.

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Gentle Paws Adoption Drive and Donna’s Story

Gentle Paws and Friends Adoption DriveWe brought Donna over to the Gentle Paws and Friends Adoption Drive over the weekend. Donna recently completed her Basic Obedience Course so the shelter suggested that she can participate in an obedience demo to visitors.

While that didn’t happen in the end, Donna participated in some games like the jumping challenge where she was pretty good at…

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Cookie Shih Tzu Birthday Party!

What do these cuties have in common? They were all here in one space to attend a Shih Tzu birthday party!

Come check out the party with Donna!!

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Little Cherry sponsors $500 food delivery to dog shelters on Xmas eve

On the eve of Christmas, @somewhitecookie personally went along to deliver $500 worth of dry food to shelters at Pasir Ris Farmway 2.

This time the food was kindly sponsored by Little Cherry on behalf of Dogs of Instagram SG Christmas Party.

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Best dressed Xmas dogs who won ohpopdog prizes

Donna in front of ohpopdog booth at sg dogs xmas party

Because well, I didn’t exactly have the time to prepare anything for her. *Oops*

But thanks to ohpopdog.com, three lucky dogs got to go home with clothes and accessories from the local dog clothes maker at our Dogs of Instagram Singapore Christmas Party!

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50 guests to attend the Dogs of Instagram SG Christmas Party

This Sunday, Dogs of Instagram SG will be throwing our very first Christmas Party at Serangoon Community Club.

The idea of a Christmas Party grew pretty organically. Life at Lycan Lexie first suggested a Christmas Party. The idea was then discussed within our Facebook group, and there was some interest which gave us the encouragement to bring the idea to life.

One person was not enough, so we ended up with Mango the Sheltie, Some White Cookie, Life with Lycan Lexie and We Live In a Flat as the organising committee for the Dogs of Instagram SG Christmas Party.


The Venue

The space!

Dog parties in Singapore are most commonly held at dog cafes. But considering we had over a hundred members over on our Facebook group, we thought we needed a bigger venue that could host more dogs even though we know we couldn’t accommodate all members.

A video posted by weliveinaflat (@weliveinaflat) on

We considered various indoor and outdoor venues and finally decided that Serangoon Community Club will best fit our requirements, both cost and floor space. We wanted a dog-friendly venue where there is ample space for dogs to run, and for owners not have to worry that they and their dogs will run into  other dogs every time they turn. This is because we understand that not all dogs can get along so if we want to have a party that brings up to 50 dogs under one roof, we better have the space for it.


The cost

The cost of the Christmas Party is wholly supported by members who purchased tickets to the party. Tickets cost $35 per human and a nominal $5 per dog. Costs of the tickets go to cover the rental fee, cleaning and associated fees of using the venue, including tables and chairs rental. The tickets also cover a buffet lunch for human guests.

Chairs for rent!! Haha!

While a lavish decor will add to the ambience, we would not have the budget for that. That said, we hope that just having dogs together to have fun will make up for the minimalist decor that we would be having :P

We do not profit from the party.


The Sponsors

Why would we need sponsors for a self-funded party?


Share the joy with homeless pups

Well, since we are gathering up to 50 instagrammers with their own following on Instagram. We figured we can use this event to do some good for our favourite shelters.

To that end, we contacted more than 50 pet online stores on my fabulous (lol) list of pet online stores here, dog food distributors as well as other local popular pet businesses on Instagram.  To finally end up with eleven sponsors, is a pretty good response rate.

To date, our Christmas Party is expected to benefit the following animal welfare groups:

Hope Dog Rescue will receive 3 bags of 33 pounds food for stray feeding from myfurfriends.com.

Uncle Khoe’s k9 will receive 50 pupcakes for their shelter dogs from feedmypaws.com.

Gentle Paws and Friends will receive food (amount to be determined) from our latest sponsor to come on board LittleCherry.sg.

myfurfriends will also be donating 50 leashes to be shared among shelters.

The benefiting shelters are chosen either by the sponsors themselves or through online voting within our Facebook group.


Goodies for party hounds!

1/ Doggie guests to the party will also get to enjoy treats from not one but two of our Doggie Treat Tables sponsored by Barking Good and The Barkery.


2/ Each doggie guest will also bring home with him/her a goodie bag inclusive of treat samples from Barking Good, The Barkery and Furrific as well as gifts, samples and vouchers from Pawmart, Little Cherry and Wagging Rights.


3/ And there are more than 10 lucky draw prizes of varying value to be won from the following sponsors: The Duf StoreLittle Cherry, Wagging Rights, Barking Good,  Furrific


The Fun and Games

What is a party without party games?

Recall Runway
The Barkery is kindly sponsoring the goodies needed for the Recall Runway – the game that will put our dogs to the ultimate challenge. Can dog safely return to human via a path booby-trapped with all sorts of tempting treats and toys??


Best Dressed Christmas Pup
And be on the look out and vote for your favourite best dressed dog to the party. Because  OhPopDog is giving away three prizes from their collection to three lucky best dressed dogs!


Photobooth by Anna Phan
Remember to take a snapshot at our Photobooth! Photography kindly sponsored by Anna Phan. Photos will be uploaded to our Facebook group. ;)



OhPopDog new collection showcase
Be the first to check out Ohpopdog’s new collection right here at the party! Even before their launch at the Public Garden Christmas Markets 13-14 Dec! ;)


Visit to Uncle Khoe’s K9
The dogs at Uncle Khoe’s K9 will be having their Christmas Party in advance on Dec 12. Crystle from feedmypaws.com will be delivering 50 of her yummy pupcakes to Uncle Khoe’s, one on behalf of each of our 50 guests! Check out the photos from our trip there!

See you this Sunday!

Of course, all these would not come to pass if we did not have the 50 guests who paid for the tickets and lent us the strength to approach our sponsors. So a big thank you to you!

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday, and hope you have a great time! :)


Mr Movember

Warning: This post contains a picture of a flesh wound that you may prefer not to look at.

We have a lot of cats around the neighbourhood, so I actually don’t recognise them. Even though like dogs, I’m sure they have their own unique markings, they all seem pretty generic to me.

When you photograph something, the process may make you look closer at the subject.

Mr Movember

But in the case of Mr Movember here, what caught my eye wasn’t his markings that made him look like he had a moustache.

What caught my eye was this gaping hole on his side as he lay in the sun. Upon spying Donna with me, he moved into the crouch pictured above, seeking to hide his wound on the other side away from Donna.

A wound on the back hind leg of the cat

I don’t know about you, but I’m sure Donna will be on her way to the vet faster than you can say “go” if such a wound ever appeared on her.

Unfortunately for Mr Movember the street cat, I had other human concerns such as I was running late and was hurrying to deposit Donna back home after our walk. So the best I could do was to hastily snap these two photos and hope to find some help for the cat later on.

It would sound simple, but real life never is. A check at the Cat Welfare Society FAQ page informed me this:

We do not run a rescue operation as we are run entirely by volunteers with work commitments. If you drop us an email, we can try to connect you with a caregiver in the area if one is available.

However, sick or injured cats often go into hiding. If these cats are not caught and brought down to the vet by the person who sees the cat, there is a good chance that the cat will be gone by the time caregivers go down. Remember that time is of essence — every minute that is wasted deciding whether to pick up the cat may be the minute that could save that cat’s life.

If you have trouble catching the cat, you can seek help from SPCA at 62875355 or consider contacting a professional cat trapping and transportation service.
cat welfare society FAQ page

So I gave the SPCA a call and sent them the photos I took. They took a look and advised that I monitor the cat for 2-3 days to see if the wound heals. If it doesn’t heal or if it gets bigger, I should contact them again and they will bring someone down to get it. In the meantime, I should try to feed the cat and gain it’s trust or connect with a stray cat feeder who has been feeding the cat so that SPCA can work with him/her to trap the cat to bring it in for treatment.

Sure, I could do that.

Unfortunately, since that time I sighted the cat, he appeared to have vanished. At least during those time slots through the day when I scoured the area looking for it. A post to the Cat Welfare Society page did not get a response as to whether there might be a stray feeder acquainted with the cat. (Now that I looked their webpage again, I realise I should have emailed them. )

I do regret that I wasn’t able to give him more help. My best hope is that a feeder has already gotten the cat away for treatment, which is why I’m no longer seeing him around the neighbourhood. Or maybe I just have lousy timing, who knows?

11 Singapore Special Mongrels of Instagram

collage of mongrel dogs

Mongrel. Mutt. Mixed breed.

Referred to using different names by different cultures, a mongrel is just a dog of mixed or undetermined breeds. Unlike purebred or crossbred dogs, mongrels can often be bred without human intervention or design.

Like mushrooms, mongrel puppies pop out of street dogs that mate. The results can be quite surprising.

Take for instance Donna’s family tree. If there was no record, I wouldn’t have guessed that Donna’s grandmother was a brown dog!

donna mongrel dog's family tree
As far as we can trace, Donna’s family descended from a brown dog three generations back.

Locally, we sometimes call these dogs the Singapore Special and deem them as truly local.

Regardless of what lies in their DNA and how different they look, these dogs seem to have some commonality in terms of the general long muzzles, medium to large sizes and slimmer, short-haired physique. (I’m not an expert so don’t quote me on that HAHA!) But yes, these are very general attributes.

Once you start looking at them as individuals, they start to look like very different mushrooms from one another.

mongrel dog faces and eyesDifferent faces of the Singapore Special

Certainly Trip the dog (left), Chase (top right) and Donna (bottom right) have differences in just their faces alone and I’m not just talking about their eyes. What other differences can you see?

I have never volunteered at a shelter so my scant knowledge of mongrels come from Donna and also aimlessly liking mongrel photos on Instagram, haha :D and of course, chatting with some of the mongrel owners.

The Singapore special is not just limited to tan, and black and tan dogs. They can be black or pale in colour too like Bosco the Mongrel here with his bushy tail. Donna’s tail is not so fluffy-looking.

bosco the mongrel dog
My colour, ears and tail may differentiate me from the other mongrels but the awkward pose we display when asleep may be similar.

And just because I thought them to be short haired, it doesn’t exempt them from having fluffy, furry ears should nature design them so. I adore Zuma’s furry ears.

zuma the mongrel dog
I may seem hairier than the others. That just makes me a furrier and more adorable Singapore Special. 

And certainly nothing is stopping Pebble from showing off his tummy that reminds me somewhat of a marble cake!

pebble the mongrel dog
I don’t know why I look like marble cake but that doesn’t stop me from being comfortable at home. 

I did read that these dogs were more commonly brown previously.

The Singapore Special isn’t a breed, but I would say more a look. Short-haired, brown, skinny, medium-to-large-sized, black-muzzled, pointy ears…

Well then, that would make pretty Leah the bona fide Singapore Special, wouldn’t it?

leah the mongrel dog
So I am short hair, brown, skinny with pointy ears and black muzzle, does that make me royalty among all the Singapore Specials? :P

The truth is that definition seems to have broadened quite a bit. Floppy eared Skippy would agree :P

Regardless of how these dogs have developed, living with a dog sometimes can make one view life differently.

Like how optimistic these dogs can be, forever giving you eyes and hoping to get something :P

skippy and scramble mongrel dogs

How they make you regret how quickly time passes when they sprang so quickly from puppyhood into full grown adults.

How they remind you that despite what they say about the hybrid vigour of mixed-breeds, sometimes there are exceptions that remind you how short life is.

And how life is a big surprise depending on the mongrel dog you bring home.

In Donna’s case, I spent a significant amount of time managing thunder phobia in a dog that is otherwise perfect. I, of course, never even heard of thunder phobia as a condition before I adopted.

In Dara’s case, this girl has a rather consistent and committed love of rolling around in poo and dead animals. I have read some working dogs do exhibit that sort of behaviour, whether it’s to better camouflage themselves when hunting or chasing prey or making the lifestock they are herding feel safer.

It’s genetics and probably a behaviour that will be hard to remove and so Dara’s human has the unexpected “pleasure” of cleaning a stinky dog more often than you and I.

dara the mongrel dog
It is such a pleasure to roll in poo and dead animals, says Dara, an otherwise very good dog at home like Donna! :P

maya the mongrel dog
Maya lives in a flat too, I think. 

Mongrel. Mutt. Mixed breed.

Regardless of how they look like and how they behave, these are the lucky mongrels of Instagram who have found a home.

A video posted by Trip (@tripthedog) on

Many thanks to @tripthedog @boscothemongrel @tshirtdog @pebbletoh @layers_of_leah @skippyandscramble @daradeexplorer @maya_thepup for the use of their photos and stories in this post. :)

Shamelessly copy and pasted the below from Three Legs Good facebook page :P

Three Legs Good is proud to announce our third annual exhibition MONGREL 2014: #mongrelsareawesome from 20-30 Nov 2014, at Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Filmmaking (56A Arab St)

In addition, there will be a video installation of selected Instagram photographs submitted by you during our social media campaign promoting the hashtag #mongrelsareawesome!

Mon- Fri 11am-7pm
Sat-Sun 11am-6pm
Free Admission (sorry, no dogs allowed at venue)

mongrel 2014 mongrels are awesome

We’re going because Donna’s photo is in the video installation I think. Haha!


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