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Qanvast’s Pet Hacks for a Happier Dog starring Donna

I am a few months late sharing this Pet Hacks video. (OMG!)

Qanvast Hacks: Pet Hacks for a Happier Dog | More home reno & interior design inspiration at Qanvast.

Singapore Special mongrel dogs seem most often asked to act the role of the fierce, barking stray dog for commercials and TV shows, at least it seemed to me. So I was very happy that one media company has bucked the trend. And Donna was very lucky to be involved!

pet hacks video happy dog

When Qanvast, an interior design and home renovation portal, asked if Donna can take part in a Pet Hacks video collaboration with them, my response was a no-brainer.

Qanvast's Pet Hacks for a Happier Dog starring Donna

No, no, we didn’t mean Pet Hacks literally 😅😅😅

Of course!

What better way to show how adoptable and adaptable a Singapore Special dog in a flat can be than to show her in a video that talks about living in that environment?

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leyla black Singapore special mongrel dog

Dog Adoption Series: Leyla the Black Stray Puppy with White Spitz Sisters

The Dog Adoption Series is a series of interviews with Singapore mongrel dog owners, to highlight the joys and the issues that they face when they adopt a mongrel dog. 

Leyla the Black Stray Dog Living with White Spitz Sisters

 Puppy Leyla with her Spitz sisters – Fluffy and Kira

Wes is dad to three pups. Mornings would start with breakfast for the three, and then Fluffy, Kira and Leyla would take turns to pee and poo. Wes is their primary care-giver so if the morning happens to be free for him, walks would happen. But if life gets in the way, then they will walk at night instead.

But life wasn’t always like this. Once upon a time there was just Fluffy and Kira, the family’s two Japanese Spitz dogs. So I was curious why Wes chose to adopt a stray black mongrel puppy after his two fluffy, white Japanese Spitz dogs.

If you are curious like me, the mystery ends here! :P

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Our Last Goodbye to Milo Border Collie at Tengoku Pet Cremation

Sometimes, death comes unexpectedly. And amidst the grief, the family still has to find out what to do or prepare for a pet cremation. I hope we all have friends to help and guide us along the way if and when that happens. #touchwood

But I’m recording this as a reference for those who need.

On Monday, a dog named Milo passed away. Milo belonged to a friend of ours. So we went and saw him off at the Pet Cremation Service – Tengoku.

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tiger looi angry dog singapore special mongrel dog adoption

Dog Adoption Series: Tiger Looi the “Angry” Mongrel

The Dog Adoption Series is a series of interviews with Singapore mongrel dog owners, to highlight the joys and the issues that they face when they adopt a mongrel dog. 

Tiger Looi the “Angry” Mongrel

I first discovered Tiger Looi on Facebook when I saw her “Angry” videos. I was an instant fan. And I am not the only one.

Tiger’s facebook page has more than 10,000 likes! (As of 26 Feb 2017) So I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who found it entertaining watching her interactions with her mom, Siewyuen.

See this video on facebook


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8 things I like/dislike about The Secret Life of Pets

Most doglovers or families with children would have caught The Secret Life of Pets in the cinema near you by now. I watched it yesterday and really enjoyed it. It was well-paced, lots of laughs and encourages you to Adopt, don’t Abandon. I liked the music.

But there were also some things, I wasn’t really impressed with. So here’s a list of what I liked and didn’t like, with some scenes from Youtube in case you would like to relive some of them. So, spoilers warning, I guess :P 

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Singapore dog hdb-approved mongrel aka Singapore special

Singapore Dog Donna is officially HDB-Approved :D

We adopted Donna from Gentle Paws and Friends way before we heard of the Adore program that gets mongrel dogs HDB-approved. We weren’t looking specifically for a mongrel at the time but we didn’t see an HDB (Housing Development Board)-approved small breed dog that we wanted to adopt at the SPCA.

singapore dog donna

An early picture of Donna when we first adopted her. She was fatter with the same friendly smile. :P

We eventually met Donna and adopted her. It took some time and difficulty, but we finally have got her HDB-approved and a legal companion pet in the flat! 

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Happy 7th Birthday, Donna!

I typically don’t interact with many people or dogs at bigger dog parties. With too many dogs, it can get chaotic so I keep Donna on the lead in such cases.

And in the case of parties I’m organising, I can get too preoccupied with details and forget about talking to people. I’m sure that may be the case for some of you too, since I myself have attended parties where I didn’t converse much with the host besides, “Hi”, “This is the present for XYZ” and “Bye!”. :P

This year, it seemed a better idea to keep Donna’s birthday celebrations small and informal.

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birthday party at Ah B Cafe for dogs

Socks & Colby’s Birthday Party at Ah B Cafe for dogs

We will not manage to attend any Christmas Parties before Christmas, but it doesn’t matter. Last Saturday, we met up with some of our Instagram friends at Ah B Cafe for Socks and Colby’s Birthday Party! 

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Who’s not scary? These 10 cute Halloween dogs in costume!

halloween-inspiration-thumbA pet360 survey last year (2014) found:

71% of pet owners who outfit their pets for Halloween wanted them to look cute
– 15% wanted them to look funny
– 12% wanted them to look clever
– and only 2% wanted their pets to look scary

So this year, we picked 10 cute and not-scary dogs to share! :P

Come take a look ;)

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