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Thunder Phobia and the Adaptil DAP Collar

dog with thunder phobia snuggles to human

It’s been a few months since we touched on the topic of Donna’s Thunder Phobia. In the last year, we’ve tried the Thundershirt which I felt has some good effect and I’ve written about it quite a bit. And later on, we bought the Adaptil DAP Collar for her so this post is really quite long over due.

do you smell the rain

Just like the rain that we experienced in the past week after a dry spell.

dog wearing DAP collar

The Adaptil DAP (dog appeasing pheromone) Collar is as you can see in the picture above, is the nondescript, flat, grey, strip of plastic wound around Donna’s neck. The collar stays on for a month for maximum effect. Retailing at SGD$59 at our local pet supplies store, this collar that lasts only a month is not that affordable an answer for thunder phobia. For that price, it asserts that it will release pheromones that will calm the reactive dog.

Adaptil DAP collar for dog with thunder phobia
dog with thunder phobia going to toiletsigns of fear of thunder in dog

Nope, doesn’t look calm, does she?

So it’s back to the ThunderShirt and her collar over the DAP collar, the whole works. I call this her Thunder Battle Armour.

dog in thundershirt

Tense, but not quaking at least.

To be fair, our dog does go majorly over-threshold when it thunders heavily – the pee and poo anywhere, the drool, the running around and climbing to escape which leads to things in the flat being disturbed and displaced, when left unsupervised. So perhaps that collar may work with dogs with a less severe fear of thunderstorms. I said may because I wouldn’t know. But a look at the reviews on Amazon – Adaptil, D.A.P (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Collar for Medium to Large Dogs – 27.6″ – shows that it does work for some people with dogs.

Outside of the storms, she is a very calm dog so we have no need of the collar to work any magic. We did not see a difference in Donna’s behaviour for the month that she was wearing the DAP collar. So that logically concluded for us that the collar did not have any discernible effect on Donna, and we weren’t inclined to continue with the collar into the second month.

dog under study table

This is Donna in the last two weeks, she seemed to find comfort under the study table. I have to say, this is also the more enclosed room so maybe she felt safer in here. Unfortunately, it didn’t even thunder very badly on that day. This dog has an overactive reaction to the slightest thunder after a couple of months without exposure to it. So the counter-conditioning with food restarts. And on days when I am too tired/impatient to do that the whole day when it storms, she stays quietly tense under the table (after she goes to toilet, which is always her first instinctive behaviour).

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Phoneography weekly: Waterloo Street (四马路)

An India Temple along waterloo street right next to Kwan Im Temple.
Bright colours of the Indian temple along Waterloo Street, next to Kwan Im Temple. Colour saturation and brightness adjusted in Snapseed.

Phoneography Monday Challenge: Street Photography
Apps used: Camera+, Snapseed, VSCOcam
Right next door to the Kwan Im Temple (in last week’s Phoneography Weekly post) on Waterloo Street sits an Indian Temple. I was rather amused to see a Chinese urn in front of it, totally unexpected and hence the picture.

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Phoneography weekly: Kwan Im Temple

A cluttered space. Kwan Im Temple, fronted by hawkers

Phoneography Monday Challenge: Street Photography
Apps used: Camera+, Snapseed
Hawkers offering flowers, incense and other prayer items for sale under brightly coloured tents. They stand at their carts before the popular Kwan Im Temple at Waterloo Street in Singapore.

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A white patch on my dog’s paw pad

white patch on my dog's paw padDonna went for her annual vacinnation today! FB post here, and please like our page while you are at it. Thank you! :P Donna also had this spotty white patch on her paw pad. The vet advised us to just continue observing it. Happily, it disappeared after a few months! For anyone with similar concerns, here are the details.

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Street Cats Caterwauling

two street cats fighting

Phoneography Challenge, the Phone as your Lens: Nature – Street Cats Caterwauling

Apps used: Camera+, Snapseed, VSCOcam, Whitagram


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Install and configure wordpress.org on a shared host

got bug?We’ve moved! Yes, you know or you wouldn’t be here. :P

Here are my initial thoughts on setting up this new self-hosted blog using WordPress.org on a shared server. I will come back and update this at a later stage when the whole move is completed and I had had the time to crystallize my thoughts and also to correct on any factual errors.

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Haiku – Outside the mall

accompanying picture for haiku: xmas round the corner dog

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Whining goes the mounting dog

dogs saying helloGoing Cuckoo Over Haiku*


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Haiku – Get me out of here!

Donna goes to daycare and gets frightenedA series of haiku about Donna’s first day at dog daycare. The daycare centre said Donna made a few dogs angry because she kept trying to mount them. But she learnt to avoid those dogs angry at her and play with other dogs instead.

When she returned home, it seemed like dog daycare has made her more hungry than usual.

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