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This is what I’ll be busy with today :P

The 12-12-12 event is hosted by Meg Greene, a writer and artist-photographer living in North Carolina. You can find her on Little Dogs Laughed and Move the Chair :)

I’m kind of excited to go back to working on mobile phoneography. I take photos with an android phone. The apps are not comparable to iPhone apps so it takes some creativity. LOL. If you are not familiar with my edits, here are some photos from earlier this year.

Thank you Meg for inviting me to join in the fun!


2014 Christmas Shopping Guide for Singapore Dogs


Recall Runway – Funniest Dog Party Game Ever! :P


  1. And stupid me thought phones were for yakking.

  2. Mom hates using the phone for photos, so it is only for emergency photo use. We never edit or post or things like that with the phone either. The risk for error is too great and it is just so much easier to do everything on the laptop, but lots of people do really well using their phones. Enjoy and we look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. :) You are so welcome! We are looking forward to seeing what you and Donna come up with!

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